CBMS Choice-Based Art Studio

CBMS Choice-Based Art Studio
CBMS Choice-Based Art Studio

Wish List

A Community of Artists
Dear Parents, Students, Teachers and Staff,
The art room at Crossett Brook is a working art studio, where students approach art and the art world in a manner similar to practicing artists - identifying ideas and projects, learning new skills and techniques, practicing with materials and tools, developing individual style and voice, and evaluating both process and product.
Here is a wish-list of items needed to help support our work:
Old Crayons
Bees Wax
Wallpaper sample books
Balloons! all sizes
Fabric – scraps and yardage
Spools of thread
Embroidery floss
Cardboard tubes (paper towel tubes, wrapping paper tubes)
Bottle tops, jar lids
Dress form/manikin
Clean plastic containers (yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese)
Dry cleaning plastic bags
Small boxes
Artificial flowers
Wire hangers
Old pillow cases
Sewing machine in working order
Small wood scraps
Pliers. nails, hammer - other hand tools
Wood carving tools
Vice, clamps
Rolls of newsprint or other paper
Mat board scrap
Wall paper sample books
Hairstyle books
Blender for papermaking
Aluminum foil, wax paper, plastic wrap
Corrugated cardboard
Old but clean socks
Old Blankets/Polar fleece
Sheep fleece/wool (I can wash it if it is right off the sheep!)
Discarded stuffed animals that nobody loves anymore
Artificial flowers
Solid colored bed sheets, especially WHITE!
Interesting finds you think we can use

**If there is a remote possibility we can do something with it, then send
it...we are VERY creative. If we can't use it, we'll either find someone who can, or we will recycle or toss it lovingly.

Thank You!
Nan Hathaway
CBMS Art Teacher