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CBMS Choice-Based Art Studio
CBMS Choice-Based Art Studio

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

TAB on a National Stage

I'm heading out to Chicago this afternoon for the National Art Education Conference. I am part of a "Hot Topic" panel with other choice-based art teachers from around the country. 
Below is the description for the panel discussion, join us if you are attending the conference!

NAEA Hot Topic Panel: Saturday 3/19 8:00 AM

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way: Shifting Teacher/Student Roles

Experts in Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) and choice-based art education will share how they implement learner-directed programming. Join TAB founders, plus those from K-12 classrooms for timely dialog.
Purpose: To encourage teachers to examine ways to transfer ownership of both creative process and product to their students for more personalized, meaningful learning outcomes in art.
Professional Learning Outcomes: Teachers will gain a new perspective on the relationship between teaching and learning by assessing the merits of learner-directed, studio-based programming from a panel of experienced educators.
Overview: This panel, made up of uniquely qualified TAB teachers, brings their cumulative knowledge and experience with Choice-Based Art Education to disclose ways teachers can support student-led learning in studio-based settings at all levels, K-12.
Content: In art programs designed around authentic learning in studio-based settings, teachers’ roles shift away from mostly teacher-directed lessons toward more emergent curriculum and student-led content. By applying the principles of constructivist teaching and learning (Brooks & Brooks, 1999), students engage in learning through a program that is “just in time” rather than “just in case” (Partnership for 21 st Century Skills). Instruction and assessment focus on differentiated experiences to meet the varied needs, interests and learning styles of all the individual student-artists in each unique community.
There is a great deal of interest in student autonomy, both in general education and art education, as a result of Common Core and Core Arts standards, which identify learner-direction and choice as key to independent learning.  There are frequent questions about implementation of a learner-directed program, given the many constraints that art educators face in their jobs. This panel seeks to clarify misconceptions about choice-based pedagogy and offer real solutions to planning, management, accountability, and advocacy in the choice-based setting.

TAB founders and three teachers representing contemporary K-12 art education combine their 75+ years of Choice-Based pedagogy for this panel. The group consists of published authors, bloggers and frequent speakers at NAEA, State Conferences and professional development workshops and institutes.