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CBMS Choice-Based Art Studio
CBMS Choice-Based Art Studio

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Project Runway: Vermont

Teachers in learner-directed classrooms sometimes remark that their students challenge themselves more than the teacher would if the class was teacher-directed. This is certainly the case with a recent 8th grader's work in the Fabrics & Fibers Center.
Jacket - meet skirt!
A fan of the television show “Project Runway,” “S” decided to construct a fitted jacket. She found some beautiful (donated) grey wool, pulled out our (donated) dress form, and began – sans pattern! In a million years I would not have been able to guide her through inset sleeves (I once sewed a sleeve into a garment, inside out, three times in a row!)
Authentic collaboration
Another “true fact” is that artists are inspired by other artists. This is one of the advantages for artists working together in a community studio-setting. So it should be no surprise that once fashion design was undertaken by one student, others were inspired to make clothes as well. While “S” worked on fitting her jacket to a patient model, “C” constructed a cotton skirt to complete the look.
First time using the sewing machine -  to construct a "poncho," while nearby a student works on a series of appliqued pillow designs
In this way, a student who is a beginner can happily work alongside a student with more experience. The experienced student gets company and someone to bounce ideas off of, and the newcomer can gain valuable design and sewing tips. Win-win.