CBMS Choice-Based Art Studio

CBMS Choice-Based Art Studio
CBMS Choice-Based Art Studio

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sculpture in Clay

“S” usually works with assemblage – crafting crazy figures from found objects. But sometimes the “Found Object” box is pretty depleted, and so one day he turned to clay.
The rest – as they say, is history. “S” patiently built a whole gaggle of crazy dudes from clay – each with a distinct personality and abundant detail, each built strong enough to withstand a ride home on a middle school bus.

A group of clay dudes by "S," Grade 6

As he worked, “S’s” skill with clay increased, opening up greater and greater possibilities; backpacks, canes, hats, teeth, horns – and the scale of his work increased over time. The first figures were about 6” tall, but by the time the last one was readied for the kiln, it stood about 12” tall.
Some artists thrive when they can “work in series,” tackling a difficult skill or intriguing idea over time. “S” is one of these.
Dude with backpack and cane

Sewing Center

"J," Grade 5, had a clear idea of what he wanted to make and drew a pattern for it before cutting cloth.
All the stitching on this piece is by hand. Once "J's" frog was completed, he went on to sew a pillow for it, so it can get a good night's sleep and dream froggy dreams.

New BFF's

Platypuses or Platypi?

What do you call two platypuses?
Whether it is platypi or platypuses, ‘E” (Grade 6) just finished making two. One is papier mache, but the other is a cardboard construction.
Once they were done, they looked awfully hungry, so he made some grass for them to munch on  - all part of an art project he is calling “things I like.”

Papier Mache has been in full swing lately, taking the place of clay, since the clay center closed to prepare for the end of the quarter. The pink discs on the bottom shelf here are butterfly wings, made from tissue stretched tight over wire - an innovation by "W," grade 6.