CBMS Choice-Based Art Studio

CBMS Choice-Based Art Studio
CBMS Choice-Based Art Studio

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Double Negative

A boy in my “AG” (morning advisory group) studied the above sign for some minutes and finally declared: “That’s a double negative.”

I agreed and asked him what that meant as far as the sentiment of the sign – he said “it means; "We agree with splatter painting.”
Which, of course, it does.

With about two weeks left in the school year, some articulate, persuasive 5th grade girls began an impassioned campaign to get me to change my rule about splatter painting. My rule is: say no as long as possible. But what I say to students is " the rule is: no splatter painting in the studio.”

It only takes a few days, persistent desire and good weather for students to ask: “Can we splatter paint OUTSIDE?”

It also helps that their teacher is a push over and that there is a back door to the art room, leading to wide open spaces.
Now the rule is: Suit up and leave your shoes and socks on the step