CBMS Choice-Based Art Studio

CBMS Choice-Based Art Studio
CBMS Choice-Based Art Studio

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Second Day of School

"Can we do printmaking?"
I'm not sure I ever had this question so early in the school year before. But after making portfolios yesterday, this 6th grade class was ready to return to their studio, and their important work as artists. 
So, "Yes! Do you remember how to set it up?"

Five printmakers

2 color print by "N"
Some in this group ended the year last year with printmaking, a center that was late to be introduced. It was so rewarding for me to observe the knowledge, enthusiasm and peer-teaching exhibited at this center today! Students set up a printmaking space, demonstrated good technique and correct use of tools and materials, remembered how to store and sign prints, helped teach new-comers and cleaned up with vigor. I guess this would be called a pre-assessment? Or is it a summative assessment, demonstrating what "stuck" from last years' instruction and experience? Teachers in learner-directed classrooms observe what students "know and are able to do" daily.  
Eight 3D artists
 Meanwhile, one step over, the Sculpture/Construction Center was up and running (one learner brought me a hot glue gun with a big grin on his face and announced: "I found them!") It was crowded at this spot, but artists here made it work amicably, and only needed one reminder to clean it up "all the way" before class was over. 
Two painters, and one finishing up his (complex) portfolio design
This is a big class at the very end of the day. We are under a heat advisement, and the studio is on the second floor - so I was even more amazed to see the focus and independence exhibited by this capable group of artists. 
Three for drawing (see later photo for #3)

Four for Fiber Arts (see next photo also): Two needle-felting, two embroidering

This one, inspired by finding an embroidery hoop, and then a Book of Stitches is learning to embroider a "chain stitch."
Welcome back to your studio artists!